Foursome at the Tantra Course

Last night was so amazing. At the tantra course we got to create and play with other people. My wife’s boobs and I ended up having a foursome with another guy and girl. And the woman has worked in sexual healing for the last decade.

There was lots of cross play and both girls sucking on both of our cocks. The highlight was when my wife’s tits put on the strap-on and fucked the other girl.

The other girl started off on her hands and knees while my wife fucked her from behind. Then the other girl flipped over on her back while my wife fucked her missionary position and made out with her.

The last position was my wife lying on the ground while the other girl rode the strap-on on top. And me and the other guy were standing while the other woman sucked and rubbed on both our cocks while riding the strap-on.

My wife’s boobs found it a bit overwhelming to be watching all of this from underneath, never imagining that she would be in a situation like this.

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