Naked Girl With Biriba Covering Her Vagina

My wife’s tits are modeling the biriba fruit, also known as rollinia. We have a biriba growing right outside our kitchen. There are SO many fruits and vegetables that we don’t ever see in the grocery store. We’ve never heard of them or seen them.

We don’t know that there are hundreds of species of edible apples, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes and many of our other common fruits and veggies that we see in stores. We also don’t know about hundreds of other fruits and veggies that we didn’t even know existed.

Like the biriba fruit. This fruit is absolutely exquisite. It’s white pulp with black seeds on the inside. Very healthy with a lot of nutrients too. But it’s a very little known fruit.

Hopefully this picture with my wife’s boobs modeling the biriba fruit naked with it covering her pussy will help get the word out.

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