Wife in Bright Pink Frilly Lingerie

My wife’s tits doesn’t like a lot of outfits that I like on her. I really like her with a lot more color. She doesn’t like bright colors. She likes grays and washed out colors, more muted tones. And I like her in lots of color and bright color.

She is wearing this piece of lingerie for me. She has told me so many times over the years that she doesn’t look good in bright colors and that me, as a man, has no sense of fashion and what she looks good in. She has a visceral response to being in bright colors.

But the other week when we were at the store and I had picked out a blouse with more brighter colors, I asked the store clerk which of the available choices she thought looked best on my wife. The store clerk chose the brighter color option instead of the muted options my wife preferred. At last some validation!

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