Naked Boobs in Chains

My wife’s tits are a natural dominatrix in her waking hours. She is naturally bossy, directive and has an agenda. It’s a power struggle at times for both of us to hold the masculine roll in the house and most of the time she wins out.

Having an alter ego in her sexual world of being a dominatrix is about the most natural thing in the world for her, like a hand to a glove.

One thought on “Naked Boobs in Chains

  1. Oh my gosh! Here’s another one of my kinky fancies! I’d like to wrestle a woman. A woman in a G-string, maybe. Barefoot – of course. Topless ab initio – or at least in the course of the fight. Oiled up could be an enticing extra. Guess this could be a randy leisure activity for your wife… if she could manage to dominate me…


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