4 thoughts on “Naked Boobs on a Beach

  1. What a gorgeous landscape inspiring me to take a walk with my thumbs, starting on the Dunes of Lewd Lips where they rest for a while circling tenderly around to then leave towards the Ledge of Chin and then sliding down the Gorge of Throat to finally walk across the Dip of Clavicle. Of course my thumbs will go separate ways from there on. One will climb the Mount Juicy Melon, the other will ascend the Mount Shapely Cupola. Both will exhaustively examine the memorials on the top both mountains: The one on Mount Juicy Melon dedicated to the Duchess of Erection and Nipple, the one on Mount Shapely Cupola dedicated to her husband, the Duke of Erection and Nipple. The legend says, if you surround them long enough and above all dignified, they will rise up to the sky… me thumbs won’t hesitate to try if this legend is true.
    But there are also delightful hiking trails for my tongue. For example the one starting at the Dunes of Wetlands who cover the Grotto de Amor y de Fuego where the Source of Heavenly Pleasures lies and where my tongue can lick the famous Juice of Desire sparkling out of this source. Another legend says that if you walk around in this area skillfully and with passion, you can cause an earthquake. So let’s verify this legend as well and after the earthquake go on on quiet trails such as the Femoral Discovery Trail, the trail over the Hill of Knee and the trail over the Plain of Tibia. But don’t forget to intensely visit the four Gullies of Toes.
    Have a nice trip!

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