Muscular Wife Lying Topless on the Beach

What I love most about this picture is clearly seeing the definition on my wife’s toned legs. She was lying on a log topless at the beach and it was such a beautiful day. The way she moved her leg was perfect timing for when I took this shot. She is quite a beauty with her breasts and her long legs.

One thought on “Muscular Wife Lying Topless on the Beach

  1. O my God! How she drives me crazy. There are three things I love about women. Being muscular. Being saucy. And of course – as you might know me – being barefoot! I don’t care if a woman is light-skinned or deep tanned, a redhead or a blonde, whether she has big or small tits, nor if she’s old or young. I think I could have more fun with a saucy, sporty 80 year old woman who likes to take off her shoes than with a busty, well tanned, blonde 25 year old who wears her high heels even while making love…

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