Topless Girl Lying on the Beach on a Log

My wife’s boobs and I were out at the beach on a bright sunny day. We found a log that was suspended a few feet above the ground. And she took off her top to lay down on the log and expose her wonderful naked breasts.

4 thoughts on “Topless Girl Lying on the Beach on a Log

  1. Oh my God! This damn sexy foot! I’d like it to caress and massage my pecker! Could you send me a copy of this picture where I can see the toes? That would be perfect!

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  2. Can’t stop looking at this pic! Look at these perfectly shaped, muscular thigh and imagine how they can embrace and squeeze your pelvis. Look at this flat belly and imagine how you pour some sparkling champagne on it to lick it up afterwards. Look at these juicy boobs and imagine how your eager fingers paw them. Look at this sexy serratus anterior and imagine how it tenses and relaxes while she tousles your hair, lasciviously waiting for you to worship and please her. I’d like to tup her! I have a crush on her!


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