Topless Wife Relaxing

One thing that has helped our relationship tremendously the last year was the amount of rest and relaxation my wife’s boobs have had because of the virus. She was always busy, always taking everything on herself.

When the pandemic affected her business, she slowed down and started to rest in a deep way. She didn’t realize how much stress she previously carried, how much rest she needed. Especially after having two small kids while balancing a brick and mortar business with employees.

She always put herself last. Now she does the opposite. She puts herself first and make sure she is always replenished before offering her energy outwards. It’s made a big difference in her life.

One thought on “Topless Wife Relaxing

  1. I think that’s what I appreciate. How much she realizes that she needed to change and her committing herself to it. This site seems to help her in a way.


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