Wife at the Next Tantra Course

My wife’s boobs are at the next tantra course by herself. We agreed beforehand that if she did anything sexual with anyone else that she would send me a bullet point description within 24 hours after the fact.

So the first day of the course she sent me about 3 different text messages. There was a group exercise of 4 people each to a group. And then they each had to act out each other’s greatest fears and desires around sex and sexuality.

She wrote the following 3 text messages in relationship to this group exercise:

“I made out with a girl sucked her tits and touched her body lots during the group exercise.

“I rubbed two penises.

“One guy came after 2-3 minutes.

Holy cow. This was the first day of the course. I know my wife’s greatest fear was rubbing the cock of another guy she didn’t like. She told me as much during the course.

I’m guessing the greatest desires for the two guys were for one to have his cock rubbed until orgasm and for the other one to see girl on girl action.

This is the first time my wife has ever been sexual with a girl in any way. And she’s sucking her tits in a group setting while two guys watch. Unbelievable! Blows my circuits.

I was a bit upset because that fantasy of seeing her be with another woman in public is my greatest fantasy and my exact fantasy to a T. And she acted it out with some other guy she didn’t know for the purpose of acting out his greatest fantasy. So it does hurt that she did it with some other guy while she knew it was my greatest fantasy for the last decade.

Aside from that, I’m not sure what her greatest desire was. But it didn’t involve touching anyone else. I know self-expression and being seen was something she wanted to work on at the course.

So my guess is that her greatest desire was either some sort of strip dance or pleasuring herself until orgasm while the rest of the group watched her. I’ll find out soon enough.

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