Sexy Wife on the Beach

It’s just a few days until my wife’s boobs leave to go to her tantra course. I’ve been feeling really good about what we’ve been creating in our relationship the last few months, so I now have more security in her going to the course alone.

The next few weeks for me are going to be difficult, being with the kids here while she’s out at a sex course with other people. I’m very concerned about her coming home and sharing that she has a new romantic relationship with someone. I’m not sure how I’ll react or respond.

I’ve attempted to put it out of my mind because every time I think about that possibility I start spiraling downward into dark places. I’ll be taking this next week one day at a time.

One thought on “Sexy Wife on the Beach

  1. You can’t capture or possess another person. Only if you accord ones freedom, this person will come back to you again and again. Since you accepted the most precious gift mankind ever had. The gift of freedom! Stay confident, my friend!

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