Topless Wife at Tantra Course

My relationship with my wife’s boobs is transforming in ways I didn’t foresee, in ways that I’ve been incredibly resistant to, and in ways that most men would be jealous of.

Who wouldn’t want a wife who enjoys going to group sex settings? Or who encourages me to have sex with other women for my own spiritual growth an enlightenment? Who tells me she would be very turned on sexually if I attract other women to have sex with?

This seems like many men’s dream. And I’ve been so upset and afraid about monogamy ending. I’m seeing all the signs pointing in a new direction that I previously never would have considered. And in a space where ecstatic states of sexual bliss and ecstasy my await.

2 thoughts on “Topless Wife at Tantra Course

  1. I’m writing an erotic (some might say “pornographic”) short story inspired by the pictures of your wife’s seductive, sexy body, her bare and appetizing tits and your open-minded exchange of your thoughts, fears and adventures (as you might read between the lines, you have my full admiration for what you are doing and for the strength and openness you show in this period of transition of your relationship towards a more sexual and spiritual way – and of course I fancy a bit the idea of having intimate intercourse with your wife… ;-)… if you don’t mind… but back to the short-story) : The story is called “the tantra course” and it features your wife as Patricia, yourself as Alexander and myself as the narrator. It also features a love-affair for me called Linda (although I do not have a relationship in real life for the moment), Abigail and Ethan, an older, couple who live polyamory as teachers of the course, Hiromi, a young, attractive, Asian woman who joined the course with her older husband and who wants to open her relation and finally Ashton and Siobhan, a young hippie-couple. Ashton is the dream lover of many a woman in the course. He soon starts a threesome with Linda and Siobhan. The character of Linda by the way is also inspired by your wife… I’ll let you know as soon as I have finished the short story and it’ll be online…


    1. Wow, that’s amazing, Lars. Send us a link when you post it online. I have also written a handful of erotic short stories. I really appreciate your encouragement and support.


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