My Naked Wife

I don’t know why, but one of the things that turns me on the most about my wife’s boobs is seeing her being sexual with other people. She has been conservative our entire marriage up until this tantra course we went to.

And now she wants to open up to having sex with other people and return to these “temple nights” where people have sex and explore their sexual edges in the same space.

What also turns me on about my wife’s tits is her being seen naked in a sexual way by others. So her having sex in public with other people while I watch is basically my biggest fantasy.

I never thought it would happen, and yet it has. And she wants to go back for more. I don’t recognize the woman that I married. And it’s exploding my mental and emotional circuits in a good way.

4 thoughts on “My Naked Wife

  1. Have you ever tried to please your lady together with a second man? To me, that’s the most fulfilling sexual experience I’ve ever had. And don’t get me wrong: you don’t have to have sexual intercourse with the second man – at least if you do not want it… Unnecessary to tell you, that I would join in… 😉


  2. Damn… that sounds like a HOT night! Feel like you held back on some details. The cuckold life is where it’s at. Lars is right, if both are in agreement, it can be VERY exciting for a couple. Maybe IF you get with another woman you can have a special post with your wife’s boobs and other woman… 😎 Your wife’s boobs are sexy and I know I’m happy you are sharing them (at least in this format). Might have to look into some Tantra courses and maybe some day bump into your wife’s boobs!


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