Topless Wife Lying in Bed

I am so attracted to my wife’s boobs. It’s hard for me to imagine that there were many years where I was hurt and upset with her and not attracted to her. And I had blamed her for being too stressed and too in her masculine. There were years when we were starting businesses where she didn’t have a sex drive and where she was too stressed.

But everything is totally different now. And she is embracing her femininity and her sexuality. It is SO amazing to see now!

3 thoughts on “Topless Wife Lying in Bed

  1. One of my hobbies is the writing of erotic short stories. This picture really inspires me to a new short story… I was thinking of doing a blog with my stories… may be one day I’ll do it… And if I’ll do so be sure that at least one of the short stories features your wife’s beautiful boobs… What’s your opinion? Shall I start this blog?…


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