Naked Girl Lying on Beach

My wife’s boobs are such a different person than I ever remember. After our tantra course, she is now prioritizing her feminine. I used to beg and plead for years for her to prioritize her feminine and stop being so out of balance in the masculine and in fear of survival.

Now she’s wearing makeup and buying new clothes for herself. She’s prioritizing relationships and her sexuality. She wants to be seen more. She actually tied up her shirt to show her belly when we went out last week.

I really have never seen this side of her before. Not in the way she’s showing up now. Or seeing her being so comfortable lying naked out on the beach either.

3 thoughts on “Naked Girl Lying on Beach

  1. Your such a lucky guy being with this gorgeous, erotic and free woman. I just can’t stop looking at her and new posts on your blog have become highlights of the day for me. I mean: Look at this perfect shaped body, these delightful boobs, her flat belly, her tempting hip. I guess I’m her number two fan, fancying her… 😉

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