Topless Wife Hiding Her Face

One of my wife’s boobs rules about this blog is she doesn’t want to show her face or vagina. So we get creative in how to hide her anonymity. She truly is an amazing woman with such a sexy figure. I love her so much.

After going to the tantra retreat, for the first time in my life my wife wants to stop being so masculine and start being more feminine. She wants to stop the bookkeeping and administration and open up time for her feminine expression.

She actually wants to go out on the weekends now. She’s starting to wear makeup and wear sexier clothes going out. She touches me differently. She’s more soft. I’m seeing so many changes in her right now.

3 thoughts on “Topless Wife Hiding Her Face

  1. I’ve also experienced some Tantra. Did you ever try slow sex? That’s a whole new dimension in sexual life! Fantastic. I guess, you and your wife would enjoy it.


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