Topless Meditation

My wife’s boobs have a 30-minute daily meditation. She says it really helps her relax and get back into feeling zen. She found this picture of Buddha to take a picture next to as well.

She also isn’t someone to theoretically practice spiritually. She does the meditation because it actually really helps her ground and come back to center.

There’s quite a difference between someone who lives like a monk and meditates all the time and talks spiritually a lot and then when they get faced with the slightest dose of reality, they cave.

One of our friends is a single mom. The father is not involved in his son’s life. The father had a two-week fling with her and then she got pregnant. they lived in different countries. He came to where she lived for 5 days, freaked out, and then flew back home. He hasn’t been in his child’s life since.

Being a father was too much for him. And this guy lives in India, living the monk lifestyle, living a “spiritual” life. Except when reality hits.

My wife’s tits are about as grounded in reality as they come. She loves truth, reality, communication, agreements and honesty above all us. She’s a horrible liar and she gets pissed when people don’t keep their agreements.

Being in reality, to me, is the definition of spiritual life.

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