Naked With Cacao Fruit

Do you know where chocolate comes from? This pictures shows the cacao nuts and the pods where they come from. This particular fruit is fresh off the tree from our backyard.

Cacao is also a superfood with essential nutrients, but it gets lots when it gets ground down into milk chocolate, preserved, mixed with sugar, etc. However, in its raw format, cacao is a superfood.

The most interesting part is that cacao is actually a fruit. The nut is where the bitter cacao comes from and what gets made into chocolate. But the nut is actually surrounded by sweet fruit, just as sweet as a mango or apple.

Once the cacao is harvested, it then needs to be dehydrated and ground down into cacao nibs or into a powder. From there, you can mix sugar and other things into it to create all types of chocolate.

My wife’s boobs love dark chocolate and cacao in all its raw forms.

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