Topless With Bananas

Would you choose the yellow or the red bananas to eat? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as red bananas! My wife’s boobs found out there are hundreds of different species of bananas, but in the grocery store we only ever see one or two types of bananas.

The main banana we see is typically the Cavendish, and fruit growers like Dole and Chiquita have become incredibly proficient with monoculture and growing only one type of culture.

Monoculture essentially is bad for the environment, creates more disease within the crop, lowers crop yields over time, destroys the biome of the soil, pollutes the environment with the chemicals needed to kill the extra diseases and also destroys species biodiversity of the crops.

For example, we LOVE these red bananas, lots more than the yellow ones. They taste SO much better. And we love the miniature yellow bananas, the cuadrados, and others as well. Who knew there was such variety of bananas?

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