Sitting Naked on a Table With Broccoli

Today my wife’s boobs wanted to showcase some of the live food they eat and prepare for their family. Eating living foods with little to no chemicals are SO important to them.

They won’t eat processed foods. They stay from chemicals. And they know that living foods, especially vegetables, like broccoli, are most essential for long-term health.

They’ve studied so much over the years about different diets, nutrients found in each type of food, how to cook and prepare foods and lots of other elements.

Broccoli is also one my wife’s breasts favorite go to vegetables for the family. They typically prepare the broccoli steamed with butter and salt and pepper.

And sure, they’re being a bit cheeky in this picture sitting naked on the table with the head of the broccoli in front of their pussy. But they just wanted to make sure they had your full attention.

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