Body Painted Boobs

My wife’s boobs thought they would try something new today. Nip thought she would try to become Smurfette. And Nippette thought she would become one of the Navi on the movie, “Avatar.”

My wife’s naked breasts were covered with pulp juice from henna or the jagua fruit. When the fruit is first opened, the insides look white. But after they are smushed and exposed to the air, some parts start to turn blue.

So I rubbed my wife’s boobs with the fruit in two triangles to look like a bikini. But the blue tattoo doesn’t show up for at least two to six hours later. So my wife’s boobs went to bed with no tattoo, and the next morning they woke up to two dark blue triangles covering Nip and Nippette.

The tattoo stayed on for five more days with some pieces staying on for a few weeks in a lighter fashion. Nip and Nippette loved their tattoos and pretended to be Smurfs and Navi for the next week — when they weren’t busy with work or tending to the children.

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