Purple Leaves Covering Her Naked Tits

My wife’s boobs were gardening naked again today. In our garden we have lots of plants and bushes, including ones with purple leaves. I’m not sure of the name of the plant, but the purple looked striking and we thought it would look great for my wife’s tits to model them. They do like channelingContinue reading “Purple Leaves Covering Her Naked Tits”

Naked With Leaves Covering Her Tits

Today my wife’s breasts were outside gardening again. They’ve been quite happy with the progress of the yucca plants they planted a few months ago. Now the plants are almost as tall as my wife’s boobs. Nip and Nippette took a few of the yucca leaves and decorated themselves to show the progress of theirContinue reading “Naked With Leaves Covering Her Tits”

My Wife’s Boobs Acting Like Eve

My wife’s boobs love to get naked on the beach. Her breasts are quite cheeky and today they decided to dress up like Eve in the Garden of Eden. With lots of leaves close by, they had no trouble finding a set of leaves cover her naked breasts. I have to say that Nip andContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Acting Like Eve”

Naked Boobs Amazon Woman With Machete

My wife’s boobs do not mess around when they are angry. And when they’re wielding a machete, watch out! Her naked breasts love to be out in nature, out in the dirt with her hands in the ground. They are not afraid to face challenges head on, and they will cut you if you messContinue reading “Naked Boobs Amazon Woman With Machete”

Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete

My wife’s boobs were out gardening again this morning like they always are. Fit with rubber boots, gloves and a machete to cut away the brush. In this picture they are relaxing after doing some work. Only Nippette came out for this picture. Topless gardening is one of their favorite activities. They love getting theirContinue reading “Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete”

Topless Woman Carrying Wood

My wife’s boobs are always out in the garden working on things. They love being topless outside in the sun and gardening naked if possible. Yesterday they were out building a raised bed to plant various veggies. Nip and Nippette grabbed long pieces of wood and stacked them in a rectangular shape. Then today sheContinue reading “Topless Woman Carrying Wood”

Giant Leaf Covering Naked Breasts

My wife’s boobs found this gigantic leaf that could be turned into almost a full-size dress just on its own. Nip and Nippette took this opportunity to play Eve in the Garden of Eden, although a bit more modest with this gigantic leaf. My wife’s boobs also want to take this opportunity to remind usContinue reading “Giant Leaf Covering Naked Breasts”

Naked Boobs Hiking Through Mud

A few weeks back my wife’s boobs went for a hike in the forest just after a good rain. They had to cross through several muddy sections. They love adventure and aren’t afraid to explore somewhere new. My wife’s boobs love being out in nature, and they love getting muddy and dirty. My wife’s breastsContinue reading “Naked Boobs Hiking Through Mud”

Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete

On a trip last year in the jungle, my wife’s breasts learned how to wield a machete. Her boobs were naked, but definitely not afraid. Her breasts learned some survival skills and learned about some plants that are helpful in the jungle. Nip and Nippette were excited to learn to use a machete. And theyContinue reading “Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete”