Topless Girl at the Beach

My wife’s boobs and I were out at the beach again. She has been gaining more comfortability with allowing her tits to seen by others in public. She’s always been so conservative and wholesome. She doesn’t give off sexual energy in public and shuts down any flirting or advances before they happen. So it’s beenContinue reading “Topless Girl at the Beach”

Liberated Naked Woman at Beach in Sarong

One of my most favorite pictures is when my wife’s boobs was naked at the beach in her sarong. She looked so liberated and raw in her feminine form. Especially when she held the sarong behind her waving like a victorious flag. She loves being nude at the beach and having the sun kiss herContinue reading “Liberated Naked Woman at Beach in Sarong”

Bottomless at the Beach Again

My wife’s boobs turn me on so much when she strips naked at the beach. We’ve found a mostly private spot where only a few people go from time to time. This time she was only wearing this shirt at the beach with nothing on underneath it. The shirt shows lots of cleavage and itContinue reading “Bottomless at the Beach Again”

Free the Nipple at the Beach

My wife’s tits just recently are getting more and more comfortable showing her boobs out in public. She said she’s felt a shift this month. She typically wears one piece bathing suits or bikinis that cover up everything really well. But lately she’s started sunbathing at the beach in a thong, which she’s never doneContinue reading “Free the Nipple at the Beach”

Lying Naked on a Log at the Beach

My wife’s boobs and I know about a small stretch of beach protected by forest where there are little to no people. Only when there is no one else around will my wife’s boobs strip down naked at the beach and lie out to sun tan. Usually she lays out on the sand. For thisContinue reading “Lying Naked on a Log at the Beach”

Bottomless at the Beach

I love when my wife’s boobs wears this top. This shirt shows so much cleavage. It’s so soft when I grab her boobs from behind and there’s just a light fabric in between my hands and her skin. It’s almost impossible to wear a bra underneath this shirt too. My wife’s tits were stripping downContinue reading “Bottomless at the Beach”

Naked Striptease at the Beach

This pictures was the last in a series of a naked striptease at the beach. I love seeing my wife’s boobs completely naked at the beach. The little striptease was fun too. My wife’s tits love getting naked out in nature. She feels so invigorated and alive in those moments. And during the downtime fromContinue reading “Naked Striptease at the Beach”